T-Shirt Fundraiser

If you’d like to help support Kit’s fight against CHD, we are doing a fundraiser through bonfire.com to raise funds for her open heart surgery this November.


There are different sizes and styles available–you can check them out at www.bonfire.com/kit



i heart kit: a new writing project

i heart kit

In one of the countless late night feedings for Kit, I started daydreaming about a new writing project to spread CHD awareness and Kit’s story–so I started I Heart Kit, an instagram-poetry-blog about Kit’s fight against CHD.

I’ve always resisted sharing my poems online since I always hope to have them published in journals at some point, but lately I’ve felt frustrated with the slowness of that process and have realized that my target audience for these poems about CHD are not other poets or academics but other parents and heart warriors, those who are in the thick of it too. I want to share poems that will be read by the people they are written for; I want the poems to be read, in this desperate sort of way I want them to be related to, so I don’t feel so alone in all this.